Use the command Export menu > Create Translation Files to prepare InDesign files for translators from internal section documents with a 100% GreenLight pass.

Translation files are specially prepared and packaged documents that contain only the parts of the InDesign file that the translator needs.

GreenLight automatically generates a package that contains a newly made InDesign document with the text layer and all fonts and links used on the text layer.

All graphics on the CMYK layer are reduced to one flattened and watermarked JPEG per spread which is embedded back into the InDesign file on a layer named 'NO_TRANSLATION'.

A watermarked positional PDF or each page and an IDML file (for opening in earlier version of InDesign) is included that contains embedded flattened images and therefore no missing links or missing previews.

Translators working on the translation (or 'TRANS' section) files can continue to use GreenLight to check their work and to export the translated text layer to Print PDFs.