All GreenLight users can use GreenLight Image Tools to improve how they work with images in InDesign.

Slimage tools automate image optimisation

Image description tools

Slimage Tools

Circular Software provide free ‘Slimage Tools’ in CircularFLO and GreenLight to assist InDesign users in optimising their images whilst maintaining top quality output.
Using optimised images in InDesign makes good sense for many reasons. Moving, transferring, opening, previewing, adjusting, printing and exporting all take less time.
The Slimage Tool can be used to replace any selected oversized and multi-layered images with high resolution copies that match their positions on the page. With no selection active, this tools will process an entire InDesign document.
These tools rely on the presence of Adobe Photoshop on the same Mac.
Original images that are next to slimmed images are now packaged into a Slimage/Links folder when exporting an Archive File Set.

Image Description Tools

Tools shared with CircularFLO from Circular Software to add, prepare and import image descriptions for accessibility.

See full details on Image tools on the GreenLight Support site.