The User ID is a unique ten digit number identifies your Mac. This is used when licensing your Mac to use GreenLight.

The User ID number is displayed in the Main window.

Copy your User ID number with the command GreenLight Set-up menu > Copy Your User ID Number in order to paste into an online form.

The online form to use to license is different depending on the version of GreenLight you have:

GreenLight Free & Pro users

To license GreenLight please fill in the short web form when prompted by the desktop app and enter your contact details. Users are required to do this within seven days.

GreenLight Custom users 

Internal staff along with freelancers and other external users working with publishers that are using GreenLight are invited to paste this ID number into an online form on order to obtain a free license to use GreenLight on behalf of their publishing client.

This form can be found on the publisher client page and by using the GreenLight Set-up menu > Request GreenLight for [Publisher] command.