Our GreenLight desktop software is free to download and trial and comes in three different varieties.

GreenLight Free

As the name suggests, GreenLight Free can be used free of charge to run accessibility checklists suitable for PDF, EPUB and print workflows along with limited print production checklists.

Also included are the free use of many of the GreenLight tools to help with preparation of accessibility (including image descriptions), print production techniques and typography.

GreenLight Pro

GreenLight Pro is a subscription version of GreenLight with extended features. All features of GreenLight Free are included plus more print production and the addition of co-edition checks, checklists and tools. 

Also for co-edition workflows, GreenLight Pro includes the preparation of Translation file packages and adds the ability to create and share checklists.

GreenLight Custom

GreenLight Custom is centrally purchased by larger publishers who need full control of their workflow. Custom checks and checklist are shared to users along with settings to ensure consistent exports for production and archive.

GreenLight Free / Pro / Custom feature comparison

Co-Edition Tools




Run accessibility checklists

Run limited print production checklists

Run all print production checklists  

Run co-edition checklists  

Create and share new checklists  

Checklists can adapt to document naming  

Manage custom checklists
e.g. regulate naming, fonts, sizes, colours

Checklists adapt to workflow status    

Checklists adapt to user groups    


Accessibility Tools

Image Description Tools

Print Production Tools

Typography Tools

MasterPlan Tools

‘Slimage’ Image Optimisation Tools


Custom Publisher Tools    


Image Description Packages

MasterPlan packages

Create Cover JPEGs

Proof PDFs  

Print Ready PDFs  

Translation file packages  

Archive File Sets    

Amazon / Marketing PDFs    

Custom Exporting    


Create and amend Covers and Jackets

Run font reports (in development)

Create and amend text designs  

Create 3D ‘BookSpins’ (in development)  

Linking with MasterPlan WORK  

Deploy GreenLight settings  

Deploy Custom settings
e.g. Publisher specific colour profiles, PDF options, preferences

Add extra book info to document    

Link to publisher production data    

Manage Usage    

Share common assets    


Knowledge Base

Email Support

Zoom Support  

Client Page    

Dedicated Support Site    

Bi-weekly catchup meeting    

Regular User Group meetings